Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wedding Update: Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dresses

I have finally set my options to 5 different dresses I really like, there mostly back-ups as I have this one dress im set on and would probably do just about anything to have it haha! With that being said I have also picked out a handful of bridesmaid dresses, and just thought people might want to see what plans I've got stewing in my little wedding pot :D

As you probably have noticed they are all made of organza with a ruffled mermaid/fit and flare skirt. Minus the first one which is Sabelle by Maggie Sottero (the most amazing bridal designer EVER) which was originally my first choice and was in love with the dress, I even got to see it in a bridal salon when I was with my sister in law trying on bridesmaid dresses and was like I WANT THAT! Then a couple months later I laid eyes on this puppy (below)

I can't even begin to explain how this dress makes me feel. I have never tried it on (YET) i haven't seen it in a store, yet the first time I looked at it my heart skipped beats, my palms became sweaty, my breath got caught in my lungs, and I teared just a little bit. I knew this was to be my dress I got married in and that I will do whatever is in my god almighty power to make sure it happens. But my biggest fear is actually going to a salon, finding the dress, trying it on, and hating how it looks on me or if it wasn't what I truly expected of this dress. I'd be devastated and most likely heartbroken and cry myself to sleep for a few weeks at least hahaha.  WOO! Now onto the bridesmaid dresses!

My only problem finding a dress for all my girls is I want them to either have all the same style dress and color, or all same color different dress, cause all of them have gigantic boobs (minus 1 poor SIL) and are all really tall or short so im like. well. heck this sucks! haha  AND they HAVE to be in something that is comfortable for them because there the ones wearing it all day and if it's strapless everyone's just gunna be yankin' there top up all day haha Here are my options so far

They will either be a dark aubergine purple, or a minty green/pale blue. My husbands military so he'll be wearing his dress uniform as will his groomsmen so I'm just trying to color co-ordinate, WHO KNEW THAT COULD BE SO HARD!?? haha it really does suck, but it'll be so worth it in the end.


is our wedding date

It was a hard decision cause we were going to get married this year but I am still in the process of losing weight (hehe down 59lbs! WOOOOO!) and we just did reno on our bathroom & basement so our money is out the window pfsh GONE haha Plus we had to do a lot of planning around Charlotte's birthday who will be turning 3 that year. Jesus. Had to re-read that 4 times just to make sure I was not losing my sanity already :P 

But yes, those are my wedding updates as of right now and I shall post more when I figure out what's going to be what and such :) If you read this far, Kudos to you! I rant way too much, Sorry! <3

- DIY Invitations
- DIY Decor, centerpeices, favors, and more!
- Vows! (ooo exciting)

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